Holly Graham

Creative Director
& Photographer

Entering the industry as a photographer and graphic designer for social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations, Holly has always been whole-heartedly invested in the projects she carries out. This emotional connection is evident in her client partnerships and the work she produces; ensuring that each project is delivered with intelligence, integrity and heart.

Whilst overseeing all creative direction, Holly continues to work hands on with much of the design, illustration and styling across our branding, web and photographic projects. 

Kat Bak

Graphic Designer
& Stylist

Through years of exploration and study in different areas of the creative industries, Kat has developed a technical skill set that perfectly complements her work as both an artist and designer. Alongside her Photoshop wizardry, her ability to weave beautiful art with strong brand messaging is an asset in our offering. 

Kat also assists as a stylist on a number of the photographic projects we execute, utilising her experience in fashion and textiles to create looks that are both beautiful and original. 

See some of Kat's personal artworks here.

Phil Wagner


We call him our resident genius. For all things tech and over our heads, Phil is the go-to guru that turns our visual dreams into coded gibberish and function. Appreciating the importance of providing digital solutions for any sized business, he works with us to ensure we provide strategies that are uniquely tailored to suit each of our clients.

Phil effortlessly combines his intellectual knowledge, strategy and diplomacy to keep our sometimes far out cyber feet on the ground; delivering websites that offer an effective user experience and generate traffic. 


If you're interested in learning more about the above mentioned social enterprises/organisations,
visit Kinfolk Cafe, Donkey Wheel House, Cambodian Children's Trust, Prahran Mission