“By sharing the stories behind the garments we wear and the products we buy, we will influence others to be considerate in their own purchasing. Everything we consume is a vote; our strongest tool in encouraging brands ensure their makers are working in safe and just conditions.”

Holly Graham
Siy Studio — Creative Director


In our commitment to partner with brands that engage in mindful practices, we have tailored an offering of benevolence that supports our clients in their efforts toward transparency.

Founded in 2016, Who How is a not-for-profit arm of Siy Studio, creating photographic and written storytelling assets that share insight into our clients’ manufacturing processes and showcase their primary values.

Further to this, Who How can guide a deepened education for those with well driven intentions, that feel ill-equipped in their approach to promoting strong standards of operation.

If you believe your brand is in alignment with the core philosophies of fair trading (or are working toward this as an ideal), please get in touch through our contact page — mentioning Who How in your message to us.


In different capacities, we have partnered with: